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How much does it cost to form a company?

Our charges are as follows:

  • A Private Company Limited by Shares – LTD – €249.00
  • A Designated Activity Company Limited by Shares/ by Guarantee – DAC – €349.00
  • A Company Limited by Guarantee not having a share capital – CLG – €395.00
  • An Unlimited Company – ULC – €395.00
  • A Public Limited Company – PLC – €495.00
  • What is included in the charge for forming a company?

  • Included in our price for forming an Irish company are all the relevant documents in relation to the application to the Companies Registration Office to be incorporated as well as the following when the company has been formed: 
    • Certificate of Incorporation,
    • Company Register,
    • Company Seal,
    • Copy of Company Constitution,
    • Director and Secretary Guidance Booklets,
    • Minutes of First Directors Board Meeting,
    • Share Certificates.
    • How long does it take to register a company?

  • On completion of your order online we will forward you the documentation for signing. Upon return of the signed documentation to us (either by post, courier or by hand) and provided all is in order, we will lodge your application with the Companies Registration Office. This process then usually takes 3-4 working days. Once the company has been incorporated we will contact you to notify you of same. We will then forward all relevant documentation in relation to your newly incorporated company.
  • What is needed to form an Irish Company?

Proposed Name of New Company: We suggest that you have 3 options, just in case your first or second choice is not available. Your Company name must be unique and must clearly distinguish your company from all other Irish registered companies.

Principal activity of the company: A brief description of the general nature of activity of the company. The companies act 2014 replaced the companies act 1963-2013 on 1st June 2015. The Companies Act 2014 introduced a constitution for private limited companies that replaced the memorandum and articles of association.

Registered Office Address: An address to which the company registration office (CRO) and legal correspondence will be sent.

Trading Office Address: We need an address at which the principle activity of the company will be carried out.

Company Secretary Details: All Irish Companies must have a company secretary who will ensure that the statutory obligations are met. Their name, address, date of birth, nationality and occupation is needed.

Directors Details: Directors are the people who have been appointed to run the company on behalf of the shareholders. Their name, address, date of birth, nationality, occupation, and any other directors information is required.

Shareholders: Shareholders are the owners of the company. Their name, address, occupation and number of shares they hold is required

Company Share Capital: Authorised & Issued Share Capital number of shares and nominal value of each share.

What is an unlimited company?

In an unlimited company there is no limit on the liability on the shareholders. In respect of liabilities owed by the company which the company had failed to discharge, recourse may be had by creditors to the shareholders.

Can I choose any name for my company?

There are restrictions on name choices. The CRO may refuse a name if:

It is offensive,

It would suggest state sponsorship,

It is identical to or too similar to a name already registered on the Register of companies.

Company names should be distinct and it is recommended to use extra words so as to create sufficient distinction between names. Certain words such as “company”, “co”, “corporation”, “and”, “&”, “service”, “services”, “limited” and place names are not considered to be a sufficient distinction.

What is a NACE Code?

NACE code is a classification system used throughout Europe which groups organisations according to their business activities.