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Company Formations Service at Tripro TriPro was formed with the principal aim of providing outsourced business solutions to irish business employers and professional advisors.At TriPro, we take the hard work out of Irish company formations. Through our online functionality you can quickly and easily set up an Irish company. Alternatively you can simply contact the team at TriPro and allow our company experts to help you with the process. No client is too big or too small, we cater for all businesses in all industry sectors, from sme to large scale companies.

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Order a company quickly and easily through our simple 6 step online process.

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Secretarial Services

Take the hassle out of running a companies administration process through our secretarial supports.

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Key Benefits of our Service

  • We offer company name checks free of charge,
  • Our fees are fixed and include all registration fees and expenses, there will be no additional charges incurred,
  • Our form can be completed in 6 simple steps,
  • Company Formation process will only take 3-5 working days to be completed on receipt of the signed documentation,
  • All our company formations include a company seal, share certificates and company register,
  • We’re here to help, simply e-mail, call, or tweet us and we will be happy to help.
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What is needed to form an Irish Company?

1. Proposed Name of New Company: We suggest that you have 3 options, just in case your first or second choice is not available. Your Company name must be unique and must clearly distinguish your company from all other Irish registered companies.

2. Principal activity of the company: We need a brief description of the general nature of activity of the company. The companies act 2014 replaced the companies act 1963-2013 on 1st June 2015. The Companies Act 2014 introduced a constitution for private limited companies that replaced the memorandum and articles of association. This constitution now lets public limited companies to trade in any legal business that they wish to, although you are still required to select a ‘NACE’ code before incorporation.

3. Registered Office Address: we need an address to which the company registration office (CRO) and legal correspondence will be sent. This will be the official address of your company and it has to be located in the Republic of Ireland.

4. Trading Office Address: We need an address at which the principle activity of the company will be carried out. The Trading address of the company can be different from its registered address.

5. Company Secretary Details: All Irish Companies must have a company secretary who will ensure that the statutory obligations are met. Their name, address, date of birth, nationality and occupation is needed. A company secretary can be one of the directors unless there is a single director then a separate company secretary is required. If this is the case then TriPro can act as your company secretary.

6. Directors Details: Directors are the people who have been appointed to run the company on behalf of the shareholders. Their name, address, date of birth, nationality, occupation, and any other directors information is required.

7. Shareholders: Shareholders are the owners of the company. Their name, address, occupation and number of shares they hold is required Shareholder details – name, address, occupation and number of shares held.

8. Company Share Capital: Authorised & Issued Share Capital number of shares and nominal value of each share. Authorised Share Capital of the company is the amount of shares a company can call upon if they require. The Issued share Capital Is the number of shares that have actually been allocated and paid for by the shareholders.

How much does it cost to form a company?

Our charges are as follows:Our charges are as follows:

• A Private Company Limited by Shares – LTD – €249.00

• A Designated Activity Company Limited by Shares/ by Guarantee – DAC – €349.00

• A Company Limited by Guarantee not having a share capital – CLG – €395.00

• An Unlimited Company – ULC – €395.00

• A Public Limited Company – PLC – €495.00

What is included in the charge for forming a company?

Included in our price for forming an Irish company are all the relevant documents in relation to the application to the Companies Registration Office to be incorporated as well as the following when the company has been formed:

• Certificate of Incorporation,

• Company Register,

• Company Seal,

• Copy of Company Constitution,

• Director and Secretary Guidance Booklets,

• Minutes of First Directors Board Meeting,

• Share Certificates.